Theories of Evolution

According to doctors of something, man has been on earth for thousands of years and the animals have been here for millions of years.  That means there has been more people that have died and were buried or burned than live on earth now.  Why is it that in the last 100 years, the USA created the EPA, and this EPA says that we must be buried in a concrete vaults?  It appears the EPA does not study history, but they pass laws like a dictatorship.

Stone Age blunders.  When Europeans found the new world, they found thousands of indians that lived in the Stone Age!

Reverse Evolution.  When a country takes over another country, the controlling country would take all the metals and metal workers to keep the people from having the power to fight back.  Roman went as far as taking all the people that knew anything about medicine, concrete, and leading.  This left the people with no choice but to live in towns and do as they were told.  Then when the Roman Empire fell, it pushed everyone they once controlled into the Dark Ages.  During this time, anyone that figured out anything new, were burned at the stake as witches.  This part of history proves that if you over control the people, they will not be able to exist if the government fails.  The truth of why we did not have the flying machine before the 1900’s is in the way research was forbidden. 

Theory verses Fact.  If I came up with the algorithm for the Prime Numbers and could not prove it, I would be put to shame.  Yet doctors of something can not find solid proof of man coming from monkeys.  Our medical doctors will tell you that our tissues are more related to the pig than the monkey.  I think doctors should be working to find some kind of fact that the real aliens on Earth is the human race.  Fact is that our kids are forced to study these theories in school as though they are fact, as if Evolution was a religion.  I say to prove it before you start teaching the world that you are dead wrong! 

The theory of how the universe has evoled is another joke.  Why we have not made solid contact with aliens is that we have not shown a level of intelligence required to be able to communicate.  Issues that come into play are usually jealousy, budgets, and pride.  I think that if we want to continue to exist we need to keep an open mind, prove that Evolution is just as stupid as Global Warming!

There are stories that were designed to promote fear.  These stories are of monsters like bigfoot, ghost, and large creatures that live in the deep lakes.  No facts have been found after many different teams have searched!

Theory of proof of Noah’s Flood.  In the Black Sea, they have taken core samples to show that the sea was once a fresh water lake and the old beaches are 160 feet below the sea’s surface.  What if the oceans around the world are 160 to 200 feet deeper than they were pre-flood?  That means that the areas near the water where people would have lived, are now under large amounts of clay and decay.  According to the Bible, the land split after the Flood.  So proof of the flood would have to be found under feet of clay and sand under 160 feet of water.  Ocean currents have rewritten the ocean floor, so where to look is the key.  Gulf of Mexico and large, inland, bodies of water may only be areas we can look. 

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Room Design

When laying out the size of a room for a house, apartment, or office take the area you think is the right size and add space for the cabinets, furniture, appliances, and more.  Most people lay out a room then freak out as the cabinets remove 2 feet from each wall.  I know one apartment the kitchen appeared large until the cabinets and frig arrived, the space became a utility room with a 4′ x 6′ area to stand.  When building a living room figure out what size you need for floor area then add 3′ on all sides for chairs and couch.

Perfection is not possible in a house as the wood going into it is not all the same size.  The walls may not be square.  The floor may not be totally flat.  Moulding can cover up some things, but be ready to fix kitchen walls to fit the straight and square counter top.  When choosing a contractor to add walls or wiring, choose one that is not a self taught.  Many of these self taught will put outlets in areas to save wire, but makes the wall unusable.  Example: I am building cabinets for a new apartment.  The contractor placed the 220v box for the stove 3 feet off the floor, while the stove has a recessed area for the outlet between 2″ and 14″ off the floor.  In this case, I will have to move the 50 amp outlet and splice the wires.  The contractor also put 110v outlets at random heights along the wall for appliances.  The contractor’s price also had issues, like the quote included the cabinets, but in the end the customer was charged more than the quoted price without the cabinets due to price increases.  The project only took a month to finish.  Poor planning is costly!  Use your money wisely and stay out of the traps.

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Nice Guy issues

The trouble with many relationships today is the baggage that we carry into the relationship.  Many times this baggage is rejection, which causes men to become nice guys and women become unlovable.  A nice guy has a future of disappointment, pain, and death.  Usually these two will meet and get married!  She will not respect him, but tries to love him by controlling him.  She will do anything she can to force him deeper into co-dependancy, which leads to depression in him.  At some point he will fight to get free of the certain death that she has planned for him.  At this time, violent behavior becomes common.  Due to the rejection, he uses poor logic to solve his problems.  He thinks he can just leave without a fight, but he fails to understand that she thinks she owns him. 

I read this in a book after I lived it.  This is very common in our world.


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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